Monday, October 31, 2011

Thinking on thinking

   It is not enough to "know" anymore.  A 21st century student must have a set of skills to succeed in the modern work place.  These skills are being able to use technology in such a way as to make one more productive, more creative, ultimately more flexible than others.  Technology is a useful to, but as with all tools - is only as good as the user.
     I loved that formal assessments "in no way correlate to how productive students will be in the workforce."  The key to success is "high productivity.'  To me this is because if you are productive it is because you a) understand, b) are able to apply knowledge to new situations, c) adapt this knowledge to fit your situation so of course your productivity will increase.  The opposite is also true:  if you don't understand, you can't apply, adapt, or produce anything.  You are stuck in an endless loop of frustration.
     The ideal situation would be to have a class where students are in Krashen's I+1.  But we all know the difference between the ideal and reality is as big as the grand canyon.  I see my roll as trying to find out where students are, and then trying to help them move forward.  This is not always easy or feasible given all the exterior influences and pressures.
     But I will try, and maybe that' the key.  To keep trying until we figure what works?

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