Thursday, October 27, 2011

Practical Teaching Theory

We are products of our experiences - I am sure I teach in ways that I was taught.  But, I am also sure that I have made conscious choices to not teach how I was taught as well.  Whether I put formal labels on it or not, I do have a belief system in how students learn.  I have made some assumptions and it is these assumptions and my observations that have shaped and molded my teaching.
I have struggled before to put my teaching theory into a neat category.  It didn't work perfectly.  I have definite leanings, but I am very eclectic.  I use what I need to help students succeed.  After obtaining my MEd, I learned that I am a constructivist and a cognitivist.  Having said that, I am also a pragmatist.  I teach Foundation English.  My students need me to help them gain 'fundamentals.'  I try to be constructivist in my approaches, but let's face it - foundations is pretty prescriptive.
My biggest push right now is using technology in my classes.  I see tech as a way for students to interact with English.  I see it as a way for them to construct their own English reality.  That's my theory anyway.
I will conclude this thought with a metaphor....Teaching is like a newspaper - it changes everyday within set parameters and I learn something new everyday!  


  1. It is true that our teaching do reflect the teaching practices that we have learned over the years from our expert teachers and advisors. As a good teacher we always try to avoid mistakes that we have seen our teachers doing over the years. Teaching can be unexciting and boring if we are only teaching and keeping our mind close for learning. On the other hand if we enter in class with open mind for learning and teaching then it will be exciting and thrilling experience. Every day there are opportunities for us to learn something new we just have to keep our knowledge doors open.

  2. I completed some research which indicates a strong correlation with teachers, their own educational experiences and how they develop their practice. For me the key question is how can we tailor our practice to meet each individuals needs within a class. Perhaps this is where technology can really help.