Monday, April 16, 2012

While reading chapter 2 and chapter 13 of the assignment, I was struck by some thoughts.  The research mentioned no lack of funding for the initial implementation of technology, but sorely lacked in teacher follow through or follow up.  I sincerely hope we do not fall into this trap - as we implement ipads here.  It also mentioned the idea of design based research as their method of research.  I have since done a little research into this method.  I have to say I have been doing design-based research all along and didn't know it.  I adjust my methods and styles on the fly.  I do not wait until the end of the semester or until all the data has been collected to make adjustments in my teaching.
While I understand the arguments for and against this method, I would hope to find a good balance between being part of action research and design-based research.
I think I took from both the idea of reflection.  No matter what we do, we must think about the impact our teaching has on our students and how we can improve it.
For my project - using an online quiz web site - I want to do more reflection.  Yes, I will be collecting data on the use, engagement by students, etc., I also think I need to reflect on this at a deeper level as well.  The reasons I chose this, the impact of this choice on my students, will I use this next semester, etc.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thinking about thinking is very time consuming.  I am being consumed by writing exams at the moment.  Then I read an article about having computers mark writing essays.  What an idea.  I could sit back while the computer reads this pile for me.  Not only that, it would grade it too.  But then I continued to read....what a little bubble was burst even before I could get it in the air.....

But here’s another view: the fact that a machine can score your essays just as well as your human readers suggests that your human readers aren’t really doing a good job of reading the essays in the first place.  It suggests that having the essays you have on your test, and grading them in the way you do, is an utter waste of time, money, and effort.  The fact that you’re able to waste this time more cheaply by using a computer doesn’t transform it into a worthwhile activity.

So dear group, just to throw this out there, do we have to have real live people grade our essays?  Another thought was from a teacher who would have his students run their essays through a computer and he would only read those that scored a B or better.  He was using the computer for screening purposes only.  I am not sure where I am, I only know that I have a pile, and it isn't getting any smaller for all my talking.