Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PGCTHE Semester 2 Final Project

I had a very hard time narrowing down what I wanted to do for this final project.  We have studied some very interesting ideas, and read some very interesting articles.  My main focus for this semester has been technology and metacognition.  I love the idea of flipping a classroom, but don't know how to implement that in a low level Foundations course.  Working on that.
So I needed a way to use technology and incorporate my ideas on metacognition.  I believe I have found a tool that will help on both fronts.  Socrative.  
If you aren't familiar with this, you should be.  Above all, it is very easy and user friendly.  There are just a couple of negatives.  The first is that you must set up an instructor account.  This allows you to make quizzes, grade them, etc.  The second is that you (as the instructor) must "open" the quiz to allow the students to take the quiz on their 'smart' device.  Most teachers forget to open the quiz and students get a bit frustrated while they are waiting for the teacher to open it.  There is an ipad app for both the student and the teacher.  I don't want to give too much away, so please know that most questions will be answered during the quiz.  I have already made a quiz based on my studies from semester two.  Please feel free to take the Quiz.  You will need to enter room 95041.  It is very self explanatory.  If you aren't able to access the quiz, please feel free to email me directly to 'open' it.  I look forward to your comments.  Thanks. 


  1. Hi Adria,
    This sounds fascinating and I'd love to look at it - great idea to put the ideas as a quiz, but when I click on your link I am told to 'enter a room number'. What do I do here?

  2. Hi again Adria

    Just done your quiz, so thanks for introducing it to me, it's given me some ideas for using it this semester with my own students. I particularly like the idea of students creating their own quizzes for each other because it seems to me that to set tasks requires a greater understanding of the topic than just writing an answer. This would be a useful, fairly quick student led activity at the end of a topic.

  3. Neil, glad you got some useful information. To me that is the whole point of this exercise. To prove what I know, to share what I know, and to learn something I don't know. Cheers.