Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Implementation of Technology in the classroom

This was a difficult assignment.  I literally have hundreds of programs and apps on my laptop, iphone, and ipad.

To pick a technology that I wan't very familiar with sounded almost impossible.  So I decided to go with something I hadn't already tried before.  For various reasons our college hasn't had success with SRS's (student response systems) [clickers, smart phones, laptops, etc.].  So, when I found out about a free web site I jumped at the chance to try it on my own.  
A bit of back ground first.  I teach Foundation students.  They come to us with only minimal skills.  I can work with that.  What has proven harder is attitude.  I try to make my lessons engaging and even entertaining - anyone tried to make the past simple fun?  Then you know what I mean.  I am teaching level 3 writing.  The nature of the course is to pass the CEPA exam at the end.  If you are familiar with CEPA then you know it has a lot of grammar - more than is completely necessary, but I digress.  I can't just turn on a youtube video and hope my students will understand the grammar.  I have to repeat and recycle everything.  I myself was getting bored from the lessons and worksheets.  Yes, there are some spectacular web sites, but since I don't have a lock down system to monitor the students web surfing, I can't be 100% sure they are on the correct web site and doing what I asked them to do.  
I had found a web site that allows a teacher (or anyone) to make a quiz - give it - get results - and the best part - to get a complete print out of who missed what question.  All without lengthy registration and up load.  

I literally spent 10 minutes or less making a short 10 question quiz.  I went to class - had students take it.  The best part is because I have a couple of new students - they don't have laptops yet.  They were able to access the quiz from their smart phones!  I had the entire class engaged - even those without a laptop (or charger, or whatever the excuse is today).  They never forget their phones!  
I could see immediately which question everyone had missed.  We could discuss the answers right then.  We could analyze why they hadn't answered correctly.  And hopefully through this engagement we could instill the correct answer.  

Did I mention that is also shows how much time the spent on the quiz.  I believe part of my job is to also give them study skills as well as writing skills.  By having this information, and showing the students that they aren't spending the correct amount of time on something, I can hope that this will make them more successful next time. I have used this only a couple of more times.  I plan on making many more 'spot check' quizzes.
The implications of this are enormous.  Because of the ease and speed - I can make one on my break - between classes - if I see that class later in the day.  It can be used for any subject.  I could even send the link to a student who is absent.  Although for my 'spot check' class that wouldn't be ideal.  If I wanted to I could even let the students make their own quizzes and then take each others quiz.  To me that is the ultimate use of this technology.  To have students fully engaged in their own learning.  
I wanted a technology I wasn't familiar with.  I wanted something to engage the students more - but not become the focus of the class.  This item had to be easy to use.  I wanted something useful for the students as well as useful for me.  I believe this is using technology and not just from technology.  


  1. In BlackBoard Vista, we can also see detailed results of student responses to assessment questions:
    1) go to the Teach tab;
    2) click on Assessment Manager under Instructor Tools;
    3) for the assessment where you want to get statistics, open the drop-down list on its right and choose View Reports;
    4) select Overall Statistics and click on Run Report;
    5) click on Printable Statistics View

  2. Hi Adria,

    This sounds really cool! It's amazing what great products you can get these days for free. Did it have a more advanced capability option that you have to pay for?