Monday, March 26, 2012

Professional Development - PLN

   I have been very interested in technology since my first computer class back in the mid 80's.  I seem to have a knack for understanding and the patience to stick with programming.  I didn't, however, go into this field of work. I chose to become a teacher, or rather, teaching chose me.  I can remember the early days of list servers - send 'subscribe' to an email address.  I thought it was the greatest invention of all time.  Information on demand.  I have been on some lists for a very long time.  I would call myself an info junkie.  There is no such thing as information overload...
       Having said that it is hard sometimes to reconcile what I have in my head with the realities I am face with in my teaching.  I get invites to all these wonderful conferences that are focused on different aspects of teaching (CALL, TALL, theories of language acquisition) from all over the world - but I can't even attend a two day conference in Dubai.  Even if I am able to go - implementing these new ideas, techniques, etc. is far beyond ideal.  We are surrounded by technology - almost assaulted by it, and one of my best lessons lately was using pieces of colored paper.
        I may sound a bit discouraged, but I keep up my spirits with my daily infusion of free apps (for my newly aquired ipad + iphone) and my hero - Larry Ferlazzo.   Every day, like clock work, he sends out an email highlighting different aspects of ESL.  It could be an article  written in a newspaper, a new web site to help teach a certain subject, a new app, - just about anything.  But what I love most is his enthusiasm for teaching. His joy comes through his articles.  I can only hope to emulate such an attitude.  I am off to prepare for my presentation on my favorite to have faith!  

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  1. SUBSCRIBE listname yourname
    SET listname DIGEST
    SET listname NOACK

    Yes, those were the days! Computer terminals, monochrome monitors (usually green), text-only e-mail, people complaining about netiquette and wasted bandwidth....